ITI Purushottampur


The Odisha model must be worth emulating in other parts of the world.

In a 5-year period, we plan to skill around 15 lakhs youth, we want global preference for Odisha’s young men and women across sectors. Nations of the world will come to Odisha to hire.

In a 3-year period, we want corporate India to make a bee-line to Odisha, not just to hire but to “lock-in” talent. Our young men and women should command a premium in the wage market.

Our physical, digital and intellectual infrastructure will be among the best in the country.

At least a third of our graduates will be women

We will provide a nurturing environment to creat great enterpreneurs and globally employable

We will forge industry-partnerships at an international level.

Our students and teachers will be Warriors of the planet to lead Sustainability.

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